Marian WalhoutNutritional Regulatory Networks

    University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, USA

    A. J. Marian Walhout obtained her PhD in Biochemistry at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands.

    She joined the Program in Gene Function and Expression at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2003, after post-doctoral work in the group of Dr. Marc Vidal at Harvard Medical School.

    Research in her group focuses on two types of biological networks and the connections between them: metabolic networks and gene regulatory networks.

    She has pioneered using gene-centered approaches to map and understand multiparameter gene regulatory and transcription factor networks. More recently, she has established a powerful interspecies system in which high-throughput genetics in C. elegans is combined with genetics in its bacterial diet to gain insight into the effects of nutrition on gene expression and life history traits, and to explore interactions between eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems.

    In 2012, she co-edited the “Handbook in Systems Biology”, which was published by Elservier.

    She is currently Co-Director of the Program in Systems Biology and Professor in Molecular Medicine at UMMS.


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