Scientific Sessions 

Basic Systems Biology

Modelling Networks and Circuits
Exciting examples and novel methods for dynamical models in any model system, through bacteria, plants, animals, etc.

Signalling Pathways
A broad remit covering systems analyses of signaling pathways in any model system.

Cellular decision making
The dynamical mechanisms by which cells make a multitude of decisions.

Large-Scale Networks
The Regulatory Genome, protein interaction networks, etc.

SB of multicellular tissues and organs
Going beyond single cells to larger-scale systems: multiscale modeling and analyses.

Image-driven Systems Biology
Obtaining and using data which has a spatial/geometric dimension for a systems-level understanding.

Variability and Noise: from single-cells up to populations
Friend or foe? Combating or harnessing noise, and cellular heterogeneity.

Evolutionary Systems Biology
A systems approach to evolution, and also how evolution shapes networks.

Cellular populations and ecological interactions
Including bacterial biofilms and the microbiome.


Systems Biology of Cancer and Multifactorial Diseases
Including complex phenotypes, epistatic interactions, and large-scale genetics.

Systems Immunology
Dynamical response to antigen and cytokine signaling, collective effects in the establishment of immunity, molecular basis of autoimmune diseases at the circuit and network level.

Systems Biology of Stem Cells
Dynamics of pluri- and multi-potency, molecular mechanisms of stem-cell differentiation and pattern formation.

Systems and Personalised Medicine
Network-based characterization of disease susceptibility and response to therapy.

Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology
Systems approaches to biological circuit design and applications.

Highlighted topic

As a special topic this year, we aim to highlight the conceptual overlaps between systems neuroscience and
molecular systems biology.

Cell and organism navigation, from molecular to neural systems.

Systems Neuroscience
Network-based approaches to brain function.

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